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A hybrid philosophy

Published under Research Methods , Research delivery
Written by Rachel Cristofoli

I’ve always been a researcher at heart, even from when I was quite small.  I used to love being given school projects so I could dig through the resources I could find at home, use the local library and start writing, cutting things out or drawing diagrams to try and make sense of everything I’d learned.  My finished project usually ended up in a homemade booklet with some sort of personal motif on the front to make sure it looked different to everyone else’s. 

A good few decades further down the line and it may come as no surprise that here I am, pretty much doing the same thing, and being paid for it! Admittedly the tools I have at my disposal are usually (not always) more sophisticated but the basic premise is the same:  drawing on a mix of resources and approaches to generate the best insight possible.

At Market Measures we have a philosophy of just that.  All our work is fully bespoke to the needs of our clients.  We genuinely want to find the best way of getting to the nub of a problem and if that means a ‘hybrid’ solution then that’s what we do.  For me personally this is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.  Throughout my entire career I’ve been in the enviable position of being able to work on both the qual and the quant ‘side of things’, blending research approaches to generate the deep as well as robust insights that our clients deserve.

‘Hybrid’ research isn’t a new thing, as my childhood forays clearly demonstrate, but the power of the blended approach can sometimes be overlooked.  At Market Measures we seek to keep an open mind, we are methodology as well as technology neutral, and are always on the look-out for new tools, approaches and people to bring fresh perspectives to our thinking and our ability to deliver what our clients need. 

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