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Being a 'newbie' at Market Measures

Published under Research Methods
Written by Celine Dibben

Week 3 of my time at Market Measures and I have already learnt so much.

Coming out of university with a 2.1 Honours Degree in Psychology left me with many doors open to consider. However, I knew for certain that I wanted to have a career which would allow me to continue learning about human behaviour in some way. After pursuing a couple of opportunities which I eventually determined were not for me, I came across Market Research and knew that this would be a great opportunity for me to do just that.

Right from the start I was thrown into various projects, spending about half of my first couple of weeks out of the office; I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend any consecutive days in the office! However, this fast-paced environment provided me with exposure to a large variety of processes within Market Research, which has kept the work really interesting and allowed me to learn a lot in a short period of time. 

Now - having spent more time in the office - I have had time to reflect. I have noticed that my first couple of weeks mirrored the energetic, ever changing consumer market, and with this type of environment it’s crucial to stay relevant and up to date with the current trends.

I’m also delighted to say that market research is genuinely interesting. In my experience so far, I have learnt about a number of factors which play a greater a role in consumer’s decision making; far more than I was aware of.  For example I’ve learnt that there is an optimum size for sweets, and that the layout of a menu can impact both dining experience and brand perception.

So in summary I have discovered that Market Research is incredibly valuable within the dynamic consumer market, and sometimes you can genuinely learn something new every day!

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