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Interning at Market Measures Part 2

Published under Training
Written by Anna Roberts

It’s been over 30 weeks since I wrote my last blog post, and I’m only two days away from finishing my placement at Market Measures. I’ve been taking a look back over my time here, and it’s nice to see how much I’ve learnt - not only have I picked up skills required within the industry, but I’ve also gained ones which would help me in any line of work.

One of the biggest benefits I’ve found of working in a research agency as dynamic as Market Measures is that I’ve had the chance to be a part of a huge variety of projects, all the way from proposal to debrief. It’s given me the opportunity to understand and learn from every element of the research process.

For example, we conducted a project for a nationwide chain of restaurants which included in-store and on street surveys; qualitative intercept interviews as well as focus group discussions. I was involved at every step, playing a role in the qualitative elements and assisting with quantitative data processing. I really enjoyed the experience of going to a viewing facility to see how focus groups are conducted; it was particularly interesting to hear what customers had to say first hand, and how this related to our findings in the quantitative stage of the research. I also got to attend the final debrief – it was great to be a part of the final stage of the project and see the positive effect it had on our client.

Working at Market Measures has also given me a chance to see real-world applications for several biometric techniques I’ve had exposure to at uni. Eye-tracking was a particularly notable one – it’s interesting to see something I’ve previously considered largely academic being used as a real-life solution.

I’m so glad that I decided to take the opportunity to complete a placement here at Market Measures, and will definitely be looking for a job within the field after I finish my studies.