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Interning at Market Measures Part 1

Published under Research Methods , Training
Written by Anna Roberts

During the second year of my Psychology degree I was faced with the decision whether to continue straight into my third year (as I had originally planned), or embark on a ‘year in industry’. Ultimately the opportunity to gain this additional experience before my final year at Uni seemed too good to pass up.

To start with, I knew I didn’t want to take-up a placement with a clinical, forensic or education establishment, which the University typically provides contacts for.  Instead, I decided to target a Market Research placement as I have a particular interest in consumer behaviour, and alongside enjoying the research element of my degree, it seemed like an area that I would find rewarding while also meeting my course objectives.

After contacting and subsequently meeting the team at Market Measures earlier this year, I immediately felt it would be right for me, and was delighted to be offered a placement for the 30 weeks beginning in September (and what would also be my first full time job!).

Having now adapted to the initial shock of early mornings after student life, here I am … six weeks into my placement!  The Market Measures team have been great - my aim from the start was to gain as much exposure to as many areas of the research process as possible, both for my own interest as well as to confirm if agency life is indeed for me as a graduate.  Already in such a short space of time, that is exactly what I have been able to do.

I have been involved in several projects, completing core tasks such as survey scripting; coding questionnaire responses; attending debriefs; being involved with data analysis and putting together presentations.  Alongside this I have experienced market research in action - visiting a product test; assisting with qualitative intercepts at a restaurant chain and even filming shoppers to aide understanding of their purchase decisions.

Having already learnt and experienced a lot in the last six weeks, I’m really looking forward to what is to come on the rest of my placement.