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Gaining Deeper Competitive Advantage in FMCG

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Written by Rachel Cristofoli

In an increasingly competitive and uncertain FMCG marketplace, and with the possibility of enhanced consumer inflation and volume demand pressures in 2017, it is crucial that FMCG manufacturers use the best possible consumer and shopper research techniques available to help gain competitive advantage.

Market Measures has developed a suite of qualitative and quantitative solutions that blends practically useful emotional methods with familiar traditional techniques. This extra layer of emotional implicit and indirect questioning techniques is yet to be fully adopted by FMCG manufacturers. Those who do adopt them will achieve a deeper level of differentiation and more success in market. 

Technology can now be used to enable quantitative scale for emotional evaluations and hence more reliable and robust insights for making commercial decisions.

Rather than replacing familiar traditional questioning techniques, these are combined to provide a holistic consumer response in both a rational considered and subconscious emotional way. 

In a Brexit world, these implicit and indirect techniques will be invaluable for those FMCG manufacturers who wish to reliably research price with consumers and achieve optimum pricing - to protect profitability whilst minimising the adverse effect on volume demand.

Likewise, for cost reduction, rationally and emotionally understanding the effect on consumer appeal will help protect brand sales and brand equity.

To enable brands to achieve category leadership and enhance brand values, these emotional techniques will help create real innovation and differentiation in FMCG.

Combining rational with new implicit techniques lends itself to most areas of consumer research as it helps measure a  subconscious, gut-feel, emotional response to stimuli such as ideas, names, brands, advertising, concepts, claims, packaging, products, promotions, shelf display, range and even price.

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