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Four things I’ve done this week to make me feel a bit stronger

Published under Covid19 , Emotions , consumer trends , Behaviour
Written by Elaine Coppard

In last week’s Monday morning meeting, the sentence ‘Elaine, can you write a blog’ filtered into my ears and my heart sank. I’m not a keen blogger at the best of times, and what do you write about when a global pandemic has kicked off, the world is in free-fall and we’re all on our individual emotional roller-coasters?

A few thoughts came to mind: ‘how will shopping behaviours change?’, ‘what can brands do to protect themselves?’ etc. However, these ideas felt a little trivial given our current situation, so I’m going for…

‘Four things I’ve done this week to make me feel a bit stronger .’

  • A rising sense of panic is not helped by a bombardment of news updates, so I now limit myself to one or two news broadcasts a day. Instead of waking up to a sombre Radio 4 newsreader who sucks another little bit of hope out of me with every sentence, I’ve reverted to a soothing and tinkly alarm tone. Never have I been so pleased to hear my alarm going off. 

  • A friend who works as a counsellor told me that if you live on your own it’s important to go with video calls rather than just audio. Apparently, it tricks your brain into thinking you’ve had a deeper social interaction. Good old brain! Maybe that’s why I felt better after our latest work meeting? Or maybe it was because everyone looked funny, with different sized faces, strange backgrounds and random children walking in and out of frame. 

  • I’m writing a list of things I will do when this s*** show is over. Usually I’m the first person to default to ‘expect the worst’ self-preservation mode, but knowing I have this little book tucked away in a drawer with a few simple dreams written in it is strangely reassuring!   

  • I planted some vegetables, which I realise I’m lucky to do as not everyone has a garden. But hopefully you have a window – and if you do, plant something. It might not come to anything, but if you see a tiny shoot come through the compost it might shed a little light on a dreary day. I’ll be honest, I’m probably heading for my usual crop of two blueberries and a very small radish – but in these times the little things are important!

Good luck everyone, and a huge thank you to all the medical staff, police, fire brigade, shop workers, delivery drivers and all those who are keeping us going.