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Public opinion is more polarized than ever as restrictions are lifted post-‘Freedom Day’

Published under COVID-Recovery Tracker
Written by John Gurd

The majority of the population now feel comfortable in public spaces and shops.

Consumer optimism about personal lives and finances have improved significantly year-on-year.

But the easing of restrictions on 19th July has not been without controversy…

  • As many people are happy with the easing of restrictions as a worried about the consequences. As many people are optimistic as are pessimistic. As many people think it’s a good idea as think it’s a bad idea…
  • By a very fine margin ‘Freedom Day’ has been judged necessary but too soon with people slowly and very gradually warming to the idea of fewer restrictions through time.

With decision-making around mask wearing in particular having been handed back to individuals, the majority of people are choosing to wear masks across different settings; especially settings where they feel less comfortable (e.g. Public Transport).

The majority of people want retailers and hospitality venues to retain many of the restrictions and safety measures we have become familiar with over the past 18 months.

We can expect to see plenty of Perspex screens and hand sanitising stations for the foreseeable future!

Cautious progress continues to be made with consumer confidence growing. We’ll wait to see what comes our way during Autumn and Winter as children go back to school, workers go back to offices, furlough comes to an end, and seasonal illnesses potentially start to play a role.


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