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Understanding the role of stores in a multichannel world

Published under Retail
Written by Tim Bacon

The rapid rise of online shopping and the reported problems in the high street are creating doubt about the future role of retail stores and their benefits to consumers.  

Our client – an appointment booking technology company – wanted to understand consumers’ perspectives on the ever-changing retail landscape. In particular, what the benefits of stores are compared with online shopping and what would drive people to stores more often. 

1000 online interviews were conducted in both UK and US covering 7 retail categories and 2 financial services/banking categories. The areas covered included: shopping channel behaviour, path to purchase, shopping drivers, motivations and needs and customer experience. Our client also wanted to understand the opportunities for their services in terms of the potential interest in pre-arranging  appointments with retail staff and attending retail events.

As the research was also conducted last year, trends in attitudes, behaviour, experience and opportunities were established.

The opportunities from the research were very positive for our client in terms of the level of interest in using their online technology. Our client’s customers and prospects also learnt how to maximise the benefits of stores for their customers.

Thus a win-win-win-win all round!

As a consequence, we co-hosted a global webinar with our client’s CMO, which can be accessed here: