Smart Thinking

People. We’re nothing without them, so we look after them the best we can.

From our talented team and 700+ trained field force to the millions of consumers we’ve interviewed and 400+ clients we’ve made happy over the years, we combine a people-centric approach and curiosity with smart thinking to get the best insights.

Giving extra

We believe you get out of life what you put in, which is why we like to stay curious, restless and always look for ways to improve. And by putting our heart and soul into everything we do, we also find ways to get all the data to support those who, why and what questions

Staying agile

We get a kick out of seeing clients perform better as a result of our work. As an independent company we don’t impose regimes or fixed solutions, and we spend more time on client research than time-sapping management tasks. This gives us freedom to deliver real and measurable cost-effective results

Working together

We believe partnerships are so much better than going it alone. So whether we’re working with a retail giant or a bijou consultancy firm, we take a ‘we’re in it together’ approach to get the best results. It’s an ethos we apply to our nationwide fieldforce who we collaborate with daily on all things qualitative and quantitative

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers