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Get the rock-solid insights you need to develop winning solutions

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Measure your progress and make informed decisions that boost the bottom line


Know your category, customers and competition and gain competitive advantage

Stress less, innovate better

Stress less and innovate more successfully with the brand, customer or product insights you need to develop winning ideas and tackle concerns head on. Some of the questions our clients ask include: 

  • Will my loyal consumers notice a difference with our proposed new recipe?
  • How can I make it easier for consumers to use the packaging?
  • Will this new idea be successful enough to help grow the category?
  • Is there a risk to my existing product range in launching this new variant?
  • Will my new pack design still be recognised on shelf in the supermarket?


Unearth data, unleash impact

Measure your performance and unearth the data that helps you better understand your brand, products and customers and make decisions that boost the bottom line. Typical questions we jump on board to answer include: 

  • How are we performing against our business KPIs?
  • Can you measure our brand performance in a new market?
  • What’s the best way to monitor our brand performance over time?
  • How many people visit each of our sites across the country?
  • How successful was our most recent sales campaign in store?

Know more, sell more

Stay business-savvy with insights that help you better understand your customers and brand potential. From competitor analysis through to relationship-oriented data for hyper-personalised marketing campaigns, we help you build relationships that encourage sales:

  • Why are we under-performing in this category?
  • How can we develop the brand outside its core category?
  • What initiatives can we introduce to increase customer loyalty?
  • What are the drivers of lost sales on our e-commerce platforms?
  • How does people’s decision-making in our category change at Christmas versus the rest of the year?

We never strive to be like all the rest. We aim to be an agency like no other by being just that little bit different to everyone else. From the creative thinking and unique technology we apply to local or international research projects to the data-collection techniques our 700-strong field force employ on the ground, we design and conduct all the research you need to stay at the very top of your game.

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